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  • Paseo guiado: Granada, centro Histórico y Albaicín
  • Walking Tour: Granada. Historical City-Centre and Albaycin
Mi Reserva Online / Walking Tour: Granada. Historical City-Centre and Albaycin
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Walking Tour: Granada. Historical City-Centre and Albaycin

"Juan is very knowledgeable about the city. While he must do these tours often, he made everything seem fresh and exciting. His English is excellent, he is professional, but has a very welcoming manner. Great employee - keep him!"
Mature couple

The walking tour: “Between Islam and Christianity” illustrates important historical facts covering the changes in our city from the muslim period to the christian one.

We walk through the historical city centre nearby the Cathedral ensemble. This is the area of Granada with the most notable urban planning transformation after the Spanish Reconquest.

We talk about buildings such as the Cathedral, Royal Chapel, the Alcaicería (Silk Market), Madraza (Koran School) and the High Court.

Additionally, we have chosen the low skirt of the Albaicín to represent the Moslem Granada before the end of the Spanish Reconquest, together with the evoking Carrera del Darro (the Darro Course). This area is part of the World Heritage since 1994. Between these two quarters: The Gran Vía, which reflects the modernist changes of the 19th century.

This walking tour is a time travel between monuments, squares, little streets and corners where we can see the cultural heart of the city, the mix of styles and the importance of religions on urban construction, society and economy.

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