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  • Baños árabes Aljibe de San Miguel, Hammam en Granada
  • Aljibe de San Miguel Arab baths. Hammam in Granada
Mi Reserva Online / Aljibe de San Miguel Arab baths. Hammam in Granada
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Aljibe de San Miguel Arab baths. Hammam in Granada

"Excellent massage"
Mature couple

It is said that the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Granada were very careful about cleaning their clothes to the point that some preferred to go hungry to buy soap and wash their clothes.

Princes and aristocrats had baths in luxurious mansions, but middle-class Andalusians and people of modest means went to the public hammam. What the walls of those baths must have seen and heard!

Among the staff there were masseurs and barbers. Robes and towels could be rented.

Aljibe de San Miguel recovers the tradition of going to the hammam as a center for social gathering while healthy habit linked to the relaxation of the senses through the water, massage and natural essential oils from plants grown in Granada.

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